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Whatever you want to transport ,whenever you want to ship, CLAMBLER cargo bike always can ready to riding.

Cheetah is the model for 2 wheel, that alloy frame and BAFANG motor let the riding more comfortable.

The biggest advantage of this model is speed, torque sensor 8 speed.

Front and rear hydraulic disc brake, for riding escort;

The color of the bike frame is changeable. We have all the colors you want. It will be the most attractive scenery on the road;

En15194 Certificate in hand, frame strength self-test equipment, you can not imagine the strength test

There are more ways to load things in the front loading area, which can be matched with wooden box and aluminum bucket at will; The front wooden box can directly remove the wooden bucket for transporting large items, and the small dog can use the wooden bucket; Beer and other items can use aluminum bucket; Anything you like.


Family cargo bike, classic of Clamber

Every year, it will be upgraded and optimized, a very mature family electric cargo bike, most of the customers will be used to pick up their children to and from school; In a leisurely afternoon, take your children to the bakery, supermarket and flower garden. This wooden box car is the best choice;

If you have two children, you can also take your pets with you. There is enough space to take your beloved ones. If you have four children, there is no problem. There are four safety seats, with super utilization;

Shimano's 6-step speed change, power assisted electric mode and electronic control system are all well-known European brands, with longer service life and more load. If there is no power, you can exercise your body in cycling mode;

The wooden bucket is equipped with a leather cushion, a canopy, whole bike cover, rain or fine weather, which will not affect the family's travel plan;


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