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Tips on Riding a Cargo Bike

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The feeling of riding a cargo bike may be different at first, but most people pick it up soon after riding a few bikes. Here are some general tips when you ride:


Riding the mid-tail bicycle is like a touring bicycle. They feel really stable, but it's best to avoid full load at the rear, otherwise the bike will feel unbalanced.

For new cargo bike riders, starting and stopping may be the biggest challenge. When you start pedaling, the bicycle may lean more to one side. However, the more you practice, the more intuitive it will be.

You also need to get used to carrying heavy objects. You don’t want to jump on the footsteps with your children or other passengers right away and start trampling on traffic. Before going to the streets, please practice transporting goods or passengers in a flat, safe area. Feel how the bicycle operates and stops. When moving heavy objects, make sure to brake faster and more gently.

Ensure that the cargo on your bicycle is stable, safe and balanced, and does not exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the bicycle.

Longer cargo bikes are very stable, but when you ride, remember where the rear wheel is behind you when turning to avoid turning too close.

When riding an electric assisted cargo bike, start with a lower assist position, and then gradually increase to a higher assist condition. Starting with a higher assist force may be shocking and unstable. Baby it's in place.

Tips for repairing cargo bikes: Generally speaking, even if you travel short distances every day, cargo bikes need regular maintenance. They are heavier bicycles, usually with longer chains, and should be regularly inspected for wear and replaced as needed. For heavy-duty bicycles, you require more brakes, so check the brakes more frequently. Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to maintain your cargo bike.



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