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UB9032E Six Children Cargo Bike, This is a specially designed manned three wheeled transport vehicle for kindergartens. Use high quality DAPU motor, Equipped with imported high-capacity battery, SHIMANO Variable speed system,Use electric power as the application to drive the tricycle,Promote the low-carbon development of transportation industry, reduce transportation costs, save energy and protect the environment.

An ordinary family cargo bike usually has only four seats, UB9032E Six children cargo bike There are six children's seats, with three point safety belt,It is widely used in the field of short-distance transportation of kindergartens in Europe and America. It is very convenient for driving and parking. Also our bike has the advantages of strong applicability, simple maintenance, low price, reliable quality and environmental protection, which is deeply loved by European and American countries.

UB9032E Six children cargo bike ,After careful design and high-quality components, charging and driving system greatly reduce the operating cost, and the average operating cost is far lower than the same automobile, which greatly reduces the operating cost of kindergarten.




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