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Cargo Bikes for Hauling Kids or Other Passengers

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Families are embracing cargo bikes, which is a new and fun way to allow multiple children with two wheels to explore together. These bicycles are strong and durable and can drag more than one child at a time. Some can handle multiple children. Depending on the bicycle, there are many ways to carry children: Older children can sit on a bench or on a shelf on the rear shelf, in a front bucket, box or container. Younger children should be strapped to the bicycle seat.


Check local and state bicycle laws to learn about regulations regarding passenger transportation. (The American Bicycle Riders League lists bicycle laws by state).

Make sure that your child bicycle seat can be used with a cargo bike. According to data from the American Academy of Pediatrics, children between 12 months and 4 years of age can sit without support, and their necks are strong enough to support a lightweight helmet, and they can sit in the rear child bicycle seat .

Children over 4 years old should have a passenger handlebar or something to hold and a place to put their feet. You can customize your cargo bike with accessories (including handlebars, ring handles, safety bars or foot guards that surround the passengers).

Add pads, wheel covers or other protective devices to protect the small feet from wheels and gears.

Practice putting your child on a bicycle. Don't let children ride bicycles unattended.

Please note that moving goods will affect your steering. When riding with your children, discuss with them what you expect of them (don't rock or lean) and explain why (the children can help keep the bike stable and drive smoothly). You want them to focus on the bicycle instead of waving their arms.



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